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Useful for developers who frequently read source in GitHub and do not want to download or checkout too many repositories.

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Last update16 Aug 2023

It can make the sub-directories and files of github repository as zip and download it

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Last update21 Aug 2023

The Sourcegraph browser extension gives GitHub IDE-like powers when you're viewing code, pull requests, and diffs: 1. Go to definition 2. Find references 3. Powerful code search with regexp matching, diff searches, and other filters 4. Hover tooltips 5. File tree navigation

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Last update15 Apr 2023

Extension that simplifies the GitHub interface and adds useful features.

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Last update21 Sep 2023

ZenHub is the first and only project management suite that works natively within GitHub; enhancing your workflow with features built specifically for startups, fast-moving engineering teams, and the open-source community. The product is a browser extension that injects advanced functionality including real-time drag-and-drop Issue Task Boards, peer feedback via a +1 button, and support for uploading any file type directly into the GitHub interface. ZenHub makes it easy to centralize all processes into GitHub, keeping your team lean and agile.

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Last update20 Sep 2023

gitpod streamlines developer workflows by providing ready-to-code development environments in your browser - powered by vs code.

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Last update31 Jul 2023

Displays size of each file, download link and an option of copying file contents directly to clipboard

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Last update25 Dec 2021

OctoLinker is the easiest and best way to navigate between files and projects on GitHub. It supports languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Go, PHP, JAVA and more. It works with package.json as well as with Gemfiles.

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Last update13 Nov 2022

Neat hovercards for GitHub.

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Last update12 May 2021

All your issues, PRs, repos and other work documents right in your new tab

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Last update16 Jun 2023

Automatically adds repository size to GitHub's repository summary.

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Last update26 Jun 2020

Show Material icons for files/folders in repository file viewer. Display the same icons from vscode-material-icon-theme VSCode extension.

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Last update30 Aug 2023

Displays your GitHub notifications unread count. Supports GitHub Enterprise and an option to only show unread count for issues you're participating in. You can click the icon to quickly see your unread notifications.

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Last update12 Jul 2023

Easily search GIPHY to add a GIF into any GitHub comment box.

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Last update27 Jul 2023

file tree for github, and more than that.

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Last update12 Aug 2023

Allows you to toggle between the normal GitHub contribution chart and an isometric pixel art version.

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Last update17 Apr 2023

A browser extension which gives different filetypes different icons on GitHub.

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Last update22 Aug 2023

Quickly browse the history of a file from any git repository.

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Last update6 May 2020

The missing IntelliSense hint for GitHub and GitLab

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Last update4 Feb 2022

Code folding - the ability to selectively hide and display sections of a code - is an invaluable feature in many text editors and IDEs. Now, developers can utilize that same style code-folding while poring over source code on the web in GitHub. Works for any type of indentation- spaces or tabs.

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Last update14 Jul 2022

This extension adds the simplicity of WYSIWYG editing to issues, comments, pull requests, wikis and discussions in GitHub. It accepts Markdown input and offers productive writing, starting with tables.

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Last update14 Jun 2023

When viewing a repository on that has a package.json file, this extension will introspect the dependencies in package.json and display links and description for each dependency, just below the repo's README.

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Last update29 May 2023

Make tab indented code more readable by forcing the tab size to 4 instead of 8.

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Last update25 Sep 2021

Add breakpoints at 1400px, 1600px and 1800px for full GitHub experience on large screens. Also removes the truncating of file and directory names in the repository browser.

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Last update24 Jul 2020

Replace browser new tab screen with GitHub trending projects.

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Last updaten/a

Show [vscode-icons]( in the repository browser.

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Last update30 Sep 2021

See forks with the most stars under the names of repositories.

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Last update1 Sep 2021

This browser extension allows you to open files in your IDE directly from GitHub, assuming the repository you are working on is cloned on your computer. When a fragment of a file is displayed, your IDE opens the file and puts the cursor at the desired line.

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Last update23 Sep 2023

Generates a pie chart on user profile pages displaying a breakdown of what languages they have used in their repositories.

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Last update16 Jun 2022

Highlight selected word in GitHub source view like Sublime Text.

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Last update8 Oct 2019

Generate a magic link for your PR and post it on shared Slack channel, to entice reviewers to pick up your PR faster!

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Last update27 Jun 2023

Colorize issue and PR links to see their status (open, closed, merged).

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Last update4 Nov 2021

The CoderStats link for GitHub Chrome extension displays a link to the CoderStats page for the currently displayed user or organization profile page on GitHub.

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Last update2 May 2023

Helps you keep track of incoming and outgoing PRs, and notifies you when you receive a pull request on GitHub.

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Last update21 Jun 2023

Extension to get back current and longest streak.

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Last update10 Jan 2023

Hide dotfiles from the GitHub file browser.

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Last update17 Sep 2021

Chrome extension to see story points in GitHub projects.

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Last update17 Aug 2020

Displays npm package stats on GitHub

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Last update31 May 2020

Are they tabs? Are they spaces? How many? Never wonder again! Renders spaces as `·` and tabs as `→` in all the code on GitHub.

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Last update25 Aug 2018

Next level code navigation for GitHub.

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Last update20 Jul 2022

Set custom tab size for code view on

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Last update6 May 2019

Create, save, edit, pin, search and delete filters that you commonly use on the Github Issues and Pull Requests pages. You are able to scope filters to be shown globally (on each repo) or only have them show up on the repo you create them on. Pinning filters is also a feature that this extension allows you to do. So if you have several filters you use daily - you have a way to quickly access them, at the top of your list.

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Last update22 Aug 2022

Extends GitHub pages with math, diagrams, embedded YouTube videos etc.

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Last update22 Aug 2023

A Chrome and Firefox extension to quickly see your notifications in a popup without leaving the current page.

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Last update6 Apr 2023

Revert GitHub's UI back to its classic look (before the June 23, 2020 update that has a flat, rounded and more whitespaced design).

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Last update30 Apr 2023

Lists repositories that are similar to the one being viewed

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Last update10 Aug 2022

Show the # of PRs and other contributors stats in the Issues/PRs tab. Can be helpful for maintainers that want to know if it's a contributor's first PR.

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Last update1 Mar 2021

OctoPermalinker is a browser extension that searches GitHub comments/files for links to files on branches, and adds a link to where the branch pointed when the comment/file was made/updated. This helps you avoid following a link that was broken after being posted. For context, here's some discussion about broken GitHub links: [Don't link to line numbers in GitHub]( For example, suppose you're looking at a gist that links to a file on the master branch of a repo. At the time the gist was made, the link worked, but if the file gets removed, the link is broken. OctoPermalinker uses the gist creation date to add a permalink that still works.

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Last update20 May 2017

Visualize GitHub repos as d3 force-directed graphs. The extension gives you a quick overview of the size and composition of any repo.

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Last update26 Apr 2022

Easily navigate through the changes in a file that has been edited on GitHub.

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Last update28 Apr 2023

Helps you see easily which activities happened since you last visited GitHub.

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Last updaten/a

Find the best GIFs for your awesome pull requests.

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Last updaten/a

Shows notifications when you get a new notification on GitHub and provides quick access to all notifications in a popup.

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Last update2 Jun 2023

Chrome extension that adds a button in browser and links this button to a GitHub repository that you will configure, then on any webpage just click this extension button and it will add the given link with the title of the page in that repository.

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Last update26 May 2018

View and create Linear tickets from any GitHub PR or issue.

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Last update12 Apr 2023

An extension that creates direct links to imported modules, external or internal, on source code on GitHub. Supports multiple languages, including common ones like Rust, Go, Python and Ruby, but also odd ones like Nim, Haskell, Julia and Elm.

Stars on GitHub⭐️246
Last update27 Nov 2019

Browser extension that shows which pull requests contain changes related to a file.

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Last update15 Oct 2020

Removes clutter from your pull request by automatically marking as viewed files that aren't worth reviewing.

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Last update14 Feb 2022

Introduces the Explore tab in the pull request interface where you can review changes ordered by importance and see the semantic context surrounding each change.

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Last update10 Aug 2020

Revert closed GitHub issues from purple back to red

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Last update11 Aug 2023

GitHub provides a page that only shows diffs with a .diff at the end of the URL of the pull request. This browser extension makes it easier to view csv diffs by using daff on that page.

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Last update18 Apr 2021

Chrome extension which helps you not to miss important changes in your news thread related to your repo

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Last update1 Oct 2018

Filter your pull requests/issues in different categories giving you a big boost in productivity. Also suggests new trending repositories.

Stars on GitHub⭐️132
Last update16 Jan 2020

That's everything from this list, for now. Come back soon to explore other awesome browser extensions for GitHub. Meanwhile, you might want to check outStefan Buck's website.