My main open source project is OctoLinker, and I'm currently working on a GitHub app called Pull Request Badge.


OctoLinker is a browser extension for GitHub, that turns language-specific statements like include require or import into links. It supports languages such as JavaScript, Ruby, Go, PHP, JAVA… and works with Dockerfiles as good as with package.json files. OctoLinker links dependencies and files on a Pull Request so you can focus on the work that matters – code review. OctoLinker is trusted by over 25,000 developers and my most successful open source project so far.

Pull Request Badge

Pull Request Badge is my most recent project that automatically adds badges to your Pull Request description. The GitHub App was initially built to add a JIRA badge whenever a Pull Request is opened, is now a fully customizable service that can be used to present any information in a consistent way above the Pull Request description. Read how to automatically add links across all of your pull requests using Pull Request Badge.