About me

Hi, I'm Stefan 👋. I created and maintain OctoLinker, a browser extension for GitHub trusted by over 30,000 developers. OctoLinker lets you navigate through code with ease and is the most useful project I ever made.

My journey as a web developer started at school in the early 2000s and have been doing it professionally since 2006. I worked for companies in different industries surrounded by talented people. These individuals have helped me get to where I am!

Professional highlights

  • Produced high-quality Flash websites. Two of them are awarded with a 'Red Dot Design'.
  • Built an online CD cover designer including a print workflow integration in PHP and ImageMagic.
  • Explored the possibility of HTML + JavaScript to create head units with modern web technologies for the automotive industry.
  • Wrote a Jump and Run game using a physic engine.
  • Developed mobile apps using PhoneGap and wrote several PhoneGap plugins for iOS and Android.
  • Worked as a full-time framework maintainer on The M Project.

Side projects

  • As a teenager, I worked with a group of passionate people on a Half Life 2 modification called Resident Evil: Twilight.
  • In 2013 I started OctoLinker, mainly for myself to explore dependencies listed in a package.json file much quicker.
  • Pull Request Badge, a GitHub App that lets you programatically insert badges in your pull request descriptions.
  • Jumpcat a browser extension that adds a VSCode-like command menu to GitHub.
  • Tentacle an Internal Developer Portal (IDP) like experience right on GitHub.

Fun facts

  • My first exposure to programming was through Macromedia Director (a Flash like multimedia application).
  • I was learning JavaScript by writing CoffeeScript and vise versa.
  • I created websites before I had internet at home.
  • In Oct 2009, I published my first code on Google Code under the MIT license. It was a collection of utilities classes for ActionScript (Flash).
  • I worked as electrical engineering for 3 months, before I went all-in on web development.
  • As a teenager, I was running my own official business with building insanely cheap websites.
  • At the age of 14, I was doing 3D modeling as a hobby.