Hey there, glad you're here. I work on interesting challenges and I'm really excited to share what I've learned over the years working as a Staff Software Engineer as well as my personal projects. Enjoy!

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    · 2 min read

    My Favorite Podcasts

    I have been listening to podcasts for many years and I learned so much from it. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite podcasts along with 10 must-listen episodes. If you have any good recommendations please let me know!

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    · 9 min read

    The Four Solutions to Solve the Problem

    The cloud is more than just a place to host your app. It’s a toolbox, filled with all kinds of handy tools, ready to help. Leveraging the cloud lets you focus on what’s matters to you, your business logic, and little to no maintenance is required: the possibilities of the cloud are endless, your time is not.

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    · 4 min read

    Automatically Add Links to Your Pull Request Description

    How much time do you spend adding JIRA or any other external links to your Pull Request description? If you raise five Pull Requests a week and it takes you about 10 seconds to grab and insert that link, you spend 43 minutes a year copying and pasting links to GitHub.

    But that’s not the worst part, the cognitive cost of jumping between tools and tasks affects your productivity beyond those 10 seconds.

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    · 5 min read

    Faster Refactoring with Comby

    When was the last time you refactored code? Was it in the past week? The past day? Or even code you pushed five minutes ago? In this post I’ll show you how to perform large-scale refactors, regardless of the language, in just a few minutes.