My Favorite Podcasts

I have been listening to podcasts for many years and I learned so much from it. Today I'm going to share some of my favorite podcasts along with 10 must-listen episodes. If you have any good recommendations please let me know!

My favorite podcasts

The Changelog

My absolute favourite tech podcast so far! The Changelog covers a wide range of topics with incredible guests. It’s an amazing, insightful, and well-produced podcast hosted by Adam Stacoviak and Jerod Santo. ​When you combine it all together it is no surprise this podcast has lasted for over 10 years.

Software Engineering Daily

One of the most significant podcast for software developers. Software Engineering Daily is a stunning and professional podcast with guests from the open-source community, startups, and fortune 500. Jeff Meyerson is probably the best interviewer out there.

Full Stack Radio

Full Stack Radio is an excellent podcast for developers interested in building software products. Amazing guests and great stories all around building products and web development with Adam Wathan.

Serverless Chats

In every episode of Serverless Chats, Jeremy Daly is joined by a guest to explore and do a deep-dive into specific topics in the serverless space.

Command Line Heros

If you are interested in the history of technology Command Line Heros is a must-listen. This podcast is about the evolution of technology and the people who made it happen. High quality podcast produced by Saron Yitbarek.

10 must-listen episodes

Here are my 10 must-listen episodes. Enjoy!

  1. Leading GitHub to a $7.5 billion acquisition (93 minutes) with Jason Warner
  2. Shaping, betting, and building (89 minutes) with Ryan Singer
  3. Running the Tailwind Business on Basecamp (66 minutes) with Jason Fried
  4. The Past, Present, and Future of Serverless (68 minutes) with Tim Wagner
  5. Globally Resilient Architectures (72 minutes) with Adrian Hornsby
  6. Things I Wish I Knew Before Migrating to the Cloud (71 minutes) with Jared Short
  7. RedwoodJS-Werner (64 minutes) with Tom Preston
  8. NextJS (82 minutes) with Guillermo Rauch
  9. Sourcegraph: Code Search and Intelligence (59 minutes) with Beyang Liu
  10. Tilt: Kubernetes Tooling (52 minutes) with Dan Bentley

Bonus: Person to follow

If you came all the way down here, you probably really like well crafted content. Let me share one person to follow, which is nailing it like no other @samselikoff. His YouTube channel is an awesome collection of high quality videos about frontend development. It's definitely worth checking them out!

What podcasts have you been listening to lately? Share it with me I’m @buckstefan on Twitter.

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